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Wed, 26 Jun 1996 14:59:19 +0100

I am aware of a very limited distribution newsgroup called The provider of my company's newsgroups does not
currently carry this one.

In addition, another mailing list that is of related interest is the
Web4Lib list, which is geared towards librarians, library scientists, and
other information professionals. The URL for more information about this
list is at

In addition to tips on searching and search tools, the Web4Lib list also
covers various topics such as acceptable use policies, logistics for web
use in libraries, and special features on a library's website. As such, a
new list specifically geared towards end users may be warranted.

I would support and encourage the creation of a mailing list for online
search tools, offline software applications, and other general internet
strategies and resources. I would encourage that this new list be focussed
less on search tool developers, and more on end users such as Mr. Kahn, and
perhaps internet marketers and analysts as well. I have discussed the
ideas with others at McKinley before, and if there is enough interest, we
_might_ be able to host the list on our servers as well. (This is not
definite yet.) If anyone has addtional suggestions for focussing the
content of this list, please copy me on email that is sent to Stephen as


Ted Resnick

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At 9:48 AM -0800 6/26/96, Stephen Kahn wrote:

>From: (Stephen Kahn)
>Subject: Search Engine end-users
>Precedence: bulk
>I'm not a programmer and not (obviously) creating a robot. I have been
>lurking the list and found enough of interest to remain a lurker, though I
>doubt I will ever be able to contribute. The reason I am intruding is that
>I am mostly interested in search engines from the point of view of an
>end-user. I believe that one of the participants (can't find the message
>off-hand) spoke of the need for a mailing list on using search engines for
>research. I would be very interested in such a mailing list. So far, I have
>been unable to find one (something recursive and ironic in being unable to
>find a list on doing research using all the research tools I know).
>My questions are: a) Does anyone know of a mailing list on using search
>engines to do research? b) If no such list exists, is anyone besides me
>interested in getting one going?
>It seems to me that a succinct positive answer to a) would be worth posting
>to the list. Answers to b) should probably be sent by private e-mail to me
>so as not to further infuriate members of the list (if more than one, I'll
>concatenate everyone for further discussion if need be).
>I apologize for the intrusion and hope that y'all will not turn your
>formidible flame cannons in this direction. I now return you to your
>regularly scheduled esoteric discussions and flame wars.
>Steve Kahn
>Signatures suck

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