Table of Contents - EESE 2010

  1. The Gospel According to Bram Stoker:
    Christian Symbolism, Satan and
    the Ritual of the Written Text in Dracula
    Ralph Pordzik (Würzburg)

  2. Working Nation(s):
    Seamus Heaney's "Digging" and the
    Work Ethic in Post-Colonial and Minority Writing.
    Ivan Cañadas (Hallym University, Chuncheon, South Korea)

  3. Evolution of the 'Subject': Postmodern and Beyond
    Massih Zekavat (Shiraz University, Iran)

  4. The Postmodern Video Clip and its Effects in Almereyda's Mousetrap
    Frederike Schlünder (Erfurt)

  5. Beowulf: Popularizing an Old English Trolls' Tale
    Review Article
    Margret Popp (Würzburg)